eddie and the hot rods

...they were th'rowdy younger kids on th'pub rock circuit around olde london towne'n surroundin' burgs, this mob were a beer soaked R'n'B streamlined hard rock riffa-rama bundle o' energy...they surely kicked up a racket 'n as time was right for this sorta noise they started to make some inroads - then punk struck 'n it looked like a movement was formin' that th' rods could 'n would be apart of...then all o' a sudden they were deemed too old 'n regessive to be considered punk with th' modded-out R'n'B sound 'n things looked like goin' to moody' general citizens had other ideas 'n gave them a coupla hits when they got some powerpop rush bolted to their sound but it was too little too late...culture had moved on 'n punk itself was yesterdays thing so it was back to th' low payini gigs 'n disks that were deemed less'n less important as years went trundlin' by...this coaster is a quick blast o' th' first few years when they were at th' top o' their game 'n is filled with hotcha moves that every right thinkin' cat back there dug...gig wise they kicked up a storm'n there wouldn't let a cat down on th' live circuit 'n any cat not rememberin' them will not be let down with this racket o' goodness...max R'n'B as th' shepherds bush mod himself once loud...

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