hour glass

...hepcats alert, this double wax is a comp of this combos stint at bein' a blue eyed soul aggro'n mighty fine'n dandy it is too...if'n they weren't duane 'n gregg no one could be bothered with this'n their fanbase probably hate these slices anyway so really they've been left for th' more discernin' heads to get a bead on, naturally enough with all good grist this languished in deletion bins evry time it got reissued, th' total sign o' a chipper disk...theres some good playin' on here'n th' biggish production values go well with th'style o' sound they're puttin' down...some bluesy-soul vocal from gregg indicate how he would become proficient in later times,'n some fun psychy guitar blasts from his bro are great to hear...not all th' tracks stand up but more do than dont, but this is more than just back catalog filler, so dig it clyde...

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