bobby bare

...first thing a cat gettin' hep to th'country idiom gotta know is that its a song that always tells th' that truth may only be as one person sees it or it may be an exaggerated truth or romanticised 'n embroidered but its th'truth to some one, aint no two ways about it, its tellin' it like it is to someone everytime 'n everytime they knows they're hearin' tellin' like it is or it oughta be...this here wax from 1975 is just about th'most tellin' like it is whole truth, no about a doubt truths on th' state o' amerikkka that is most often hidden even from th'people its affectin' so all pervasive is th' government/business hype 24-hour-aday machine...listen to these songs 'n know th'truth cos its true for someone all th' time...

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