mahogany rush

...when this cat hit th'outtanational scene in th' mid seven ohs his hype was that he learnt to play guitar in hospital after a proper bad acid trip'n he was infected with th' eternal spirit o' jimi...well naturally that was th' last straw, that got rock critic snobs into a bit o' 'n outrage'n they could only do one thing,'n one thing only, they put th' dis on him'n that was th'end o' good music press reportage but th' crazy suburban teen-ohs on th' downer drug trip had other ideas'n his psyched-out-post-prog heavy rock slowly but surely caught on with audiences around th' globe...this here platter comes from '77 'n is slightly less raucous than some o' his earlier forays but th'fxpedal grooves are still there 'n ready to do their thing...goes well with a green pipe 'n thats a fine thing...

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