sly and the family stone

..if ever a wax reflected th'times'n place it certainly was this'sound o' amerikkka was mirrored in th'basement murk o' this creepycrawl funk with its drumboxes, keyboards'n dronin' tired vocal'war in nam that had been bought home by revolutionary forces such as th'weather underground was reflected in slys disillusionment with hippy vibes that had been driven into th'gutter by government drug-dealers peddlin' th'worst gear to its own children cos they wouldn't buy into a failed 'n corrupt dream that lead him into his own paranoia'n vast intake o'' haze o' teargas in th'inner cities'n on college campus, th'napalm in th'nam'n agent orange in grunts systems was thrown up in th'gloom'n dark vibes that pervade this very singular biscuit(this is not th' remastered version)...still needs to be heard as th'planet plunges deeper into th'mayhem o' new world order...

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