...from nineteen seventy comes this psychedout funkathon with th' blastin' power o' many' super stun racket o' th' first track is worth more than a years supply o' beer 'n beans alone'n th'thing about this wax is it dont stop there...these cats aint no one trick pony, when it comes down to varyin' th'funk they got it in th' pocket...they were th' houseband at hot wax (says it all right there, totally apt name when it comes to this platter), so a cats gonna know these brothers got it goin' on in a big way...put some new batteries in th' hi-fi 'n turn that dial to eleven 'n watch th'walls turn to dust...go with th'ride,' magic spirit that comes wrapped in th' noise could be used to fly around th' planet in one go with no landin' needed...

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