brett smiley

...the lost legend goes something like this: over in olde london towne in the bar at bibas boutique in the year of nineteen and seventy three there was a summit meeting called by andy loog between 4 decadent, wayward glam individuals by the names of marc, david, mick and jobraith...sitting innocently on the counter was a small jar of fairy dust and loog in his wisdom commanded the 4 to touch the container and concentrate with all their collective being so the resulting alchemy would produce the ultimate pop star to grab some of the apparently abundant teeny-glam loot that was just floating around aimlessly just waiting for someone to pick it up...from out of seemingly nowhere appeared the glamorously wasted brett and upon peaking at this visage andy knew he had the perfect foil to get in the hit parade and to clean up...this is one of the greatest glampop platters any cat could wish for but as far as andy loog was concerned it all came to a big zero...only 2 tracks were released at the time and the rest was left in the can in some dusty room for 30 years...luckily now all cats can dig the wonderous sound of brett doing what he did best...being the prettiest star cooing beautifully for thirty gorgeous minutes of total glamness... va...

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